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New gin at the Gin Club

By July 22, 2012September 7th, 2016No Comments

Hopefully you know by now we try to deliver the best gin experience we can here at the club, which also includes offering the newest and best gins we can find.

Well, we found 4 more for you to try. Masters of Malt, the creators of the wonderful Bathtub, Old Tom and cask aged  Bathtub have created Origin, a single estate juniper only gin, allowing you  to explore the effects location, climate, soil type and myriad other conditions have on theed the juniper and therefore the final gin.

No other botanicals are added so you can experience the pure juniper flavour.
There are 4 gins so far in this range from Italy, Bulgaria, Albania and the Netherlands.

We will be offering these four gins as another tasting menu so you can compare the four spirits together. The tasting menu will consist of 4 single serves with Fever Tree tonic for £23.00 or, if you’re a member £20.00 . This is a first for the discerning gin lover so come and visit us and give them a try.

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