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New gin at The Gin Club

By July 11, 2012July 24th, 2012No Comments

What I love about running the London Gin Club is that there is always a new gin to try. Production of small batch, bespoke gin continues to thrive here in London town and this is great for all of us. Those clever inventors are coming up with all sorts to keep us intrigued andĀ  curious about this wonderful spirit.

The newest addition to the Club is courtesy of Master of Malt. They’ve taken their wonderful cold compressed Bathtub gin (which we all know and love here at the LGC) and rested it in oak (sherry or bourbon) casks for several months to create a wonderfully smooth, rich aged gin.

The wonderful chaps at Masters of Malt presented us with a bottle last night and itching to crack on with it we came up with the Negroni Supreme. Blending this strong, spicy, warm aged gin with Antica Formula and Campari with orange peel makes the most amazing Negroni. We serve it in our large balloon glasses to really bringĀ  the flavours out. This is a must try Negroni…for all you Negroni lovers out there we hope we’ve done it proud!

Of course it goes without saying you can drink this superb gin how ever you like it.

We drank it before we got the chance to photograph it but we’ll post an image up later!

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