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things coming up here at the LGC

By June 19, 2012No Comments

Well, it’s certainly been a busy old time here. Lovely, lovely and thank you to all our new ( and old and prospective) members for coming, to the bar, drinking gin and giving us so much positive feedback and compliments.

So, we will be launching our new gin tasting menus ‘Gin Jaunts’ at the end of next week. We are hosting  a press night to show off our G & T’s. If you are in the writing/blogging world and want to come along please send us an  e-mail and will send you an invite.

I idea behind the ‘Gin Jaunts’ menu is to give you the chance to try 4 single G & T’s (in the balloon serve as always) where each gin is very different. You can order all 4 at once and share and compare their differences. Of course being a member you get these at a reduced price so, if you’re not a member, do the right thing and join up!

Keep an eye on the blog, we’ll post some photo’s of the 4 gins just to entice you a little more…

Happy (and  of course responsible ) gin drinking!

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