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of all the gin jaunts….

By May 22, 2012November 22nd, 2012No Comments

Goodness we’ve been busy…so busy in fact that I’ve not blogged for a week or so, shocking, but I have a night off so I’m catching up!

You may know the G & T menu is up and running and going down a storm…lovely, lovely, lovely..

Now it’s time to develop it…we’ve seen over the past weeks how keen our members ( and non members in fact) are to try different gins…this comes with a problem…too many gins does funny things to your head ( an occupational hazard I suffer with from time to time) so…what to do? how to try new and interesting gins  without getting… um, over merry, shall we say!

This is where our ‘Jaunt down Gin Lane’ comes in.

Gin Jaunt #1 will be available from next week and put simply it will be 4 single serve G & T’s  in a balloon glass (of course) with a bespoke garnish all carefully chosen to show you the diverse range of gins available and to give you the chance to try them and compare.

Junes Gin Jaunt,  ( don’t try and say then when you’ve had a few!) our first, will be:

Haymans London dry garnished with Coriander and lime peel.

Bloom garnished with English strawberry

Bathtub garnished with Blood orange

Monkey 47 garnished with plum.

Four fantastic gins…with fevertree…perfect!

If you are a member you will get all these for £18 ( £21 to non members) so…a great way to try 4 totally different gins and still be able to see the drink in front of you!

If you’re not a member yet…join up… and happy jaunting!


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