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New heights for the humble G & T

By May 10, 2012September 7th, 2016No Comments

So, our G & T night was brilliant!

Packed to the rafters with gin lovers and explorers!

We’d carefully created the garnishes to bring out the specific flavours of each gin… this took some planning. It was pretty much like creating a  meal.. but with gin, 40 of them!

So what worked…Martin Miller’s served with very nice yellow and black tomatoes and on this was very good.

Edgerton was very popular and repeat orders showed us the pomegranate and lavender garnish worked really well.

Brokers with Rhubarb….well, what a total success that was! and just at the end you got a condensed bitter-sweet rhubarb flavour sitting very nicely with the juniper of Brokers.

Sacred with rosemary and orange, a big success too..we didn’t bruise the rosemary, in fact, along with coriander, sage and thyme used in Millers, Gilpins and Botanist we didn’t feel the need to bruise the herbs, just let them sit and infuse slowly. Also we were aware some of these garnishes may have come as a surprise and more importantly they should show the gin off, not mask it…so we treat herbs gently. This seemed to work.

Hendricks with the addition (cucumber is a given) of rose petals rendered one customer speechless with joy! yay job done!

Bathtub is always popular in our bar and always served with blood our customers were used to that and of course loved it!

At last we got our paws on some Deaths Door…fennel delight, so we served it with pear and fennel leaves and the feedback was excellent!

It was an extremely good night… going out on a (researched ) limb paid off and I’m really pleased to say our customers are ready for something more than your average G & T… not only that they are ready to comment, discuss and make suggestions..which is brilliant and what we want.

Humble gratitude to everyone who came and thanks to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from last Friday we have created and specific gin and tonic menu for you. Nothing too over the top…40 gins, 5 tonics and garnishes from sage, rose petals, lavender, rhubarb, quince, plum, saffron, grapefruit, cape gooseberry, oh yes and lime…

It works…it really does…and the humble G & T has been shown some serious respect…by us but more importantly confirmed by our customers!

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