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The supreme G & T ? possibly…

By May 3, 2012November 1st, 2016No Comments

Ok so as you may know we have our dedicated gin and tonic night tomorrow (Friday) and in preparation for this we’ve been shopping.

A visit to the joy that is Borough Market has helped us get all the garnishes we need for tomorrow night. Yes lemons and limes, but that’s not the half of it!…we’re pushing the G & T garnish boundaries by focusing on the specific botanicals and flavours in some  gins and pairing their them with some carefully thought about  but unexpected garnish. It’s not random and hopefully will bring the very best out in the gin…Here’s a few examples:

We have Chervil & orange  to go with Citadelle, plum & blood orange peel for Monkey 47, black & orange tomatoes & coriander with Martin Millers, Edgerton’s will be treated to some pomegranate & lavender…We have Saffron ( yes proper real saffron) for Old Raj, fennel leaves for Deaths Door, some wonderfully sweet english strawberries for Bloom, Grapefruit & watercress for Tanqueray 10 and to bring out the full flavoured juniper in Brokers we’re using some delicious bitter-sweet sugared rhubarb. Quince to go with Williams gin, sage & lemon peel in Gilpins, Sicilian olives for No 3,  thyme & lemon in The Botanist… fig & mint for Blackwoods..oh yes, we all know about cucumber in Hendricks, but we’re adding a few rose petals too..I’ll stop there…but there’s more of course!

I know…it sounds all very complicated .The devil is in the detail and we think all our 40 gins deserve some special attention.

So, chilled balloon glasses, large cracked ice, specifically paired garnish, superb premium gin, the best tonics available….is this the G & T supreme ?…pay us a visit and let us know….by the way, with the exception of a couple of pricey (but worth it) gins..our G & T’s are £7.50 and will stay at £7.50 !

Here’s our lovely harvest from Borough Market!Now that’s what I call a gin and tonic

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