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Solving one of life’s little dilemmas

By February 20, 2012No Comments

Life can be full of little dilemmas…
Stay in or go out…get a new job or stay put…join a gym or spend the cash on a holiday…?
tricky and unfortunately we can’t help with any of these..but we can help with the  dilemma of which gin to drink.

Here at the London Gin Club we understand it can be difficult deciding which gin or gins to drink. We hope you try our selection of gins in the bar and discover new ones but when it comes to which one to try at home it can be difficult to decide. There are so many and they are all so good . So we think we may have the answer.

We’ve come up with a fantastic miniature gin collection pack to take home and experiment with.

We have selected 3 premium gins which are of course different in taste and style, giving you the opportunity to compare and contrast the gin, along with Lillet sweet and dry vermouth. We’ve included a ‘ how to make’  list to help you create the perfect Gin Martini, Gin & It or if your prefer keep it simple with tonic. We’ve put in a couple of fancy stirrers and one of our gin allegiance cards too which will be stamped to help you on your way to collecting 9 stamps ( 9 = a gin cocktail on us!)

If you already have an allegiance card we’ll stamp that too!

The gin packs are £28 and are now available at The Star at Night.

If you want to buy one for a superb gift for the gin lover in your life, get in touch and we’ll put one together for you.

Happy gin drinking one and all.

chin chin

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