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A couple of new gins to the list

By February 11, 2012November 22nd, 2012No Comments

Keeping our ear to the (gin) ground with the help of Gerry’s we come across new gin on a regular basis. This is great, except every time we find one that we think should be in the bar, we have to change the menu, adjust the cocktails as so on…but, it’s worth it, especially for a couple of gins like Death’s Door and Monkey 47.

What can we say about these gins…super premuim  of course..they are right up there and they are both totally unique (as all are on our menu).

Death’s door has a wonderful story behind it: firstly the name… Death’s door takes it’s name from a strip of water between Door county peninsula and Washington Island from which the hard red winter wheat is gathered to make the spirit for the gin. The makers of Death’s door are dedicated to supporting the farmers of Washington Island and their production of hard red winter wheat continues to grow hugely because of their support.

The gin is great, loaded with juniper which is complimented by an intriguing late taste of fennel. We’ve put this gin with a Tom Collins to really enjoy the fennel flavours without any other influence.

Monkey 47  is quite unusual, not least because it has been infused with 47 botanicals . Again it has a story, as all the best things do…

It’s recipe has been attributed to a British Wing Commander Mongomery Collins, who, after the war, helped in the rebuilding of the Berlin zoo. During this time he sponsored a monkey named Max. Some time later he opened a guest house in the Black Forest and named it ‘ the wild monkey’.

Many years later, a recipe and a bottle was found in a wooden box in his guest house. The label on the bottle had a hand-drawn monkey which said “Max the Monkey – Schwarzwald Dry Gin”. Documents found included a list of ingredients used to create the gin.

Enter Monkey 47…a truly complex gin absolutely bursting with flavours , some hard to identify but combining together to make an extraordinary gin which I  believe should be tasted and savoured straight with ice, in a martini or simply with tonic…

The other thing to comment on these gins is the packaging. Both gins are encased in the most wonderful bottles…which i know isn’t everything but really does help you fall in love!

You know what to do..come and try them both!

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